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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stock Market Technical Analysis for Next Week - Nov 12-19, 2012

During regular trading hours, there were many stocks that continued to break up to the upside. These stocks are usually going up  with news.If you are looking to day trade today, you might want to check out the following stocks. I usually throw these on my watch list and monitor with resistance & support levels.  My Daily Trading Activities & Stocks to Buy  Everyday   - Membership Link

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Biggest Gainers 11/9/12
Composite Biggest Gainers 
KYAK    Kayak Software Corporation    27.80%
DGIT    Digital Generation, Inc.    17.92%
SQI    SciQuest, Inc.    16.26%
ZIP    Zipcar, Inc.    15.89%
ISIS    Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    14.47%
LGF    Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.    14.25%
ACIW    ACI Worldwide, Inc.    12.74%
CRAY    Cray Inc.    10.91%
UBNT    Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.    10.44%
ARNA    Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    10.44%
CALL    magicJack VocalTec Ltd.    9.55%
WPRT    Westport Innovations Inc.    9.38%
EPAM    EPAM Systems, Inc.    9.33%
AMRN    Amarin Corporation plc    9.26%
PEGA    Pegasystems Inc.    8.24%
AFFY    Affymax, Inc.    7.73%
ENR    Energizer Holdings Inc.    7.62%
HTZ    Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.    7.26%
CBOU    Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.    7.17%
ACHN    Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    7.13%
OEH    Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.    6.82%
PHH    PHH Corporation    6.44%
NPSP    NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    6.40%
WWWW    Web.com Group, Inc.    6.20%
PODD    Insulet Corporation    6.17%
GHDX    Genomic Health Inc.    5.87%
VVUS    VIVUS Inc.    5.86%
AEGR    Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    5.71%
LEAP    Leap Wireless International Inc.    5.69%

Composite Biggest Losers 
Ticker     Company     Chang
DTSI    DTS Inc.    -28.23%
STRA    Strayer Education Inc.    -17.20%
ERF    Enerplus Corporation    -14.46%
MCP    Molycorp, Inc.    -13.59%
TRLA    Trulia, Inc.    -12.83%
NTRI    Nutrisystem, Inc.    -12.41%
INWK    InnerWorkings Inc.    -10.25%
SD    SandRidge Energy, Inc.    -9.67%
SPRD    Spreadtrum Communications Inc.    -8.86%
SDR    Sandridge Mississippian Trust II    -8.57%
DIOD    Diodes Incorporated    -8.09%
SDT    SandRidge Mississippian Trust I    -7.44%
GMED    Globus Medical, Inc.    -6.41%
MPO    Midstates Petroleum Company, Inc.    -6.36%
DIS    Walt Disney Co.    -5.96%
GDP    Goodrich Petroleum Corp.    -5.92%
CQB    Chiquita Brands International Inc.    -5.83%
PPP    Primero Mining Corp.    -5.47%
FGP    Ferrellgas Partners LP    -5.40%
NIHD    NII Holdings Inc.    -5.40%
GXP    Great Plains Energy Incorporated    -5.18%
KCAP    Kohlberg Capital Corporation    -5.04%
IO    ION Geophysical Corporation    -4.93%
JCP    J. C. Penney Company, Inc.    -4.84%
TROX    Tronox Incorporated    -4.83%
TRAK    DealerTrack Holdings, Inc.    -4.82%
MSCC    Microsemi Corp.    -4.56%
FIO    Fusion-io, Inc.    -4.53%
HOV    Hovnanian Enterprises Inc.    -4.44%

SP 500
Long term signals :  Bullish
Short term signals : Bearish

Stop  @ 1300

QQQ (Nasdaq 100) Bearish, stop @ 50
INDU: Bullish, stop @10000
COMPQ:Bearish, stop @ 2300
Top trend : Techs
Value : Financial

Euro Dollar : Bullish
US Dollar index : Bearish  
Gold : Bearish, stop @ 1500
10 Y US Yield : Bullish, above 2.8 stop
30 Y US Bond : Short, stop @ 132

World Market
UK's FTSE:  Bullish, stop @ 4700
Germany's DAX: Bullish, stop @ 5300
France's CAC: Bullish, stop @ 2900
Shanghai : Bearish
Japan Nikkei : Bearish

The Congressional Budget Office warned on Thursday that the fiscal cliff could trigger a drop of 0.5% in real gross domestic product next year, and that contraction could push unemployment to 9.1% by the end of 2013.

It appeared early Friday morning that fiscal cliff fears would lead to a third straight down day. But the Dow Jones industrial average finished the day flat, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite moved up between 0.2% and 0.3%.

All three indexes moved down between 2.1% and 2.6% for the week. For both the Dow and S&P 500, it was the worst weekly percentage drop, since the week ending


 Support for the SPX remains at 1370 and then 1350 with resistance at 1391 and then 1434.So we should trade small lot.Take a look all 1/5/15/60m chart if we want to trade this market. 

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