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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stock Market Technical Analysis for Next Week - May 14-18, 2012

During regular trading hours, there were many stocks that continued to break up to the upside. These stocks are usually going up  with news.If you are looking to day trade today, you might want to check out the following stocks. I usually throw these on my watch list and monitor with resistance & support levels. Below are a list of stocks that I am watching for May 14, 2012. Also check out my Top 2011 Stock Gainers, Stocks to Buy 2012.You can also check previous stocks to buy reports- Right Here

Top Stocks Performance of the day:These are  stocks that continued to break up to the upside or down side. These stocks are usually going up or down with news or technical.If you are looking to day trade, you might want to check out the following stocks. 

Overbought: TAST, RPRX
Unusual Volume:  AVCA, NEBS, PBTH, RPRX
Upgrade: AMCX
Earnings Before: ALIM
Insider Buying: MRVL

Biggest Gainers 5/11/12
Composite Biggest Gainers 
Ticker     Company     Change 
ARNA    Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    73.77%
RPRX    Repros Therapeutics Inc.    41.82%
GWAY    Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.    26.14%
MWW    Monster Worldwide, Inc.    19.01%
MDR    McDermott International Inc.    14.96%
XNPT    Xenoport, Inc.    10.15%
AVG    AVG Technologies N.V.    10.13%
WX    WuXi PharmaTech (Cayman) Inc.    9.47%
MYRG    MYR Group, Inc.    9.45%
VVUS    VIVUS Inc.    8.86%
CIEN    CIENA Corp.    8.62%
LEAP    Leap Wireless International Inc.    7.84%
TAST    Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc.    7.24%
NFLX    Netflix, Inc.    6.85%
GLNG    Golar LNG Ltd.    6.70%
DDS    Dillard's Inc.    6.41%
NVDA    NVIDIA Corporation    6.36%
ACHN    Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    5.88%
PPC    Pilgrim's Corp.    5.49%
SCSS    Select Comfort Corporation    5.37%
AMED    Amedisys Inc.    5.29%
HNR    Harvest Natural Resources Inc.    5.25%
HMIN    Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.    5.21%
MDVN    Medivation, Inc.    5.09%
BWLD    Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.    4.86%
TPX    Tempur Pedic International Inc.    4.77%
HSFT    hiSoft Technology International Ltd.    4.64%
PPO    Polypore International Inc.    4.61%
CBOU    Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.    4.42%
CROX    Crocs, Inc.    4.33%
RGLD    Royal Gold, Inc.    4.29%
PVA    Penn Virginia Corporation    4.16%
SPF    Standard Pacific Corp.    4.10%
BBBY    Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.    4.07%
SWHC    Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation    3.94%
FIO    Fusion-io, Inc.    3.93%
DY    Dycom Industries Inc.    3.85%
STEC    STEC, Inc.    3.76%
FBHS    Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc.    3.71%
BCEI    Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.    3.64%
FOE    Ferro Corp.    3.62%
Composite Biggest Losers 
Ticker     Company     Chang
ADY    Feihe International, Inc.    -23.11%
ASYS    Amtech Systems Inc.    -20.59%
KEM    KEMET Corp.    -19.41%
RNDY    Roundy's, Inc.    -17.22%
ALR    Alere Inc.    -14.71%
CHK    Chesapeake Energy Corporation    -13.80%
FRAN    Francesca's Holdings Corporation    -13.16%
APEI    American Public Education, Inc.    -11.86%
OSUR    OraSure Technologies Inc.    -11.82%
NQ    NetQin Mobile Inc.    -11.61%
CECO    Career Education Corp.    -11.29%
CHKR    Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust    -10.44%
JPM    JPMorgan Chase & Co.    -9.28%
UBNT    Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.    -8.81%
GEOY    GeoEye, Inc.    -7.99%
PBTH    PROLOR Biotech, Inc.    -7.91%
SNE    Sony Corporation    -7.80%
WNC    Wabash National Corp.    -7.04%
VELT    Velti Plc    -6.57%
LPLA    LPL Investment Holdings Inc.    -6.35%
CHKM    Chesapeake Midstream Partners, L.P.    -6.25%
QIHU    Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd    -5.94%
RENN    Renren Inc.    -5.32%
NGD    New Gold, Inc.    -5.10%
P    Pandora Media, Inc.    -4.93%
MKTG    Responsys, Inc.    -4.92%
CALX    Calix Inc.    -4.82%
IVN    Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.    -4.81%
JWN    Nordstrom Inc.    -4.80%
MBI    MBIA Inc.    -4.58%
GBX    Greenbrier Companies    -4.57%
CELL    Brightpoint Inc.    -4.55%
DGIT    Digital Generation, Inc.    -4.53%
MAKO    MAKO Surgical Corp.    -4.41%
ZNGA    Zynga, Inc.    -4.35%
DAR    Darling International Inc.    -4.31%
BCS    Barclays PLC    -4.31%
ERF    Enerplus Corporation    -4.28%
C    Citigroup, Inc.    -4.24%
SGMS    Scientific Games Corporation    -4.24%
DANG    E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc.    -4.19%
FST    Forest Oil Corp.    -4.18%

SP 500
Long term signalsBullish
Short term signals :

Stop  @ 1350

QQQ (Nasdaq 100) : Bearish, stop @ 50
INDU: Bullish, stop @10000
Bearish, stop @ 2300
Top trend : Techs  
Value : Financial

Euro Dollar : Bullish
US Dollar index : Bearish  
Gold : Bearish, stop @ 1500
10 Y US Yield : Bullish, above 2.8 stop
30 Y US Bond : Short, stop @ 132

World Market
UK's FTSE:  Bullish, stop @ 4700
Germany's DAX:
Bullish, stop @ 5300
France's CAC:
Bullish, stop @ 2900
Shanghai :
Japan Nikkei :

Support for the SPX remains at 1343 and then 1320 with resistance at 1374 and then 13.88.So we should trade small lot.Take a look all 1/5/15/60m chart if we want to trade this market. 

I also have  technical analysis different stocks-Right Here.
Take a look some market indicator charts- Click all charts
$SPX - 60 min

$SPX with component chart 
$CPC daily
QQQQ Daily 

FOR 5/14 SPX resistance, pivot &  support
Resistance R3 1379.84, R2 1372.75, R1 1363.07
Pivot Point 1355.98
Support  S1 1346.30, S2 1339.21, S3 1329.53

FOR Weekly 5/14-5/18 SPX resistance , pivot & support
Resistance R3 1493.59, R2 1483.75, R1 1368.57
Pivot Point 1358.73
Support  S1 1343.55, S2 1333.71, S3 1318.53

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