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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stock Market Technical Analysis for Next Week - February 27 - March 2, 2012

During regular trading hours, there were many stocks that continued to break up to the upside. These stocks are usually going up  with news.If you are looking to day trade today, you might want to check out the following stocks. I usually throw these on my watch list and monitor with resistance & support levels. Below are a list of stocks that I am watching for February 27, 2012. Also check out my Top 2011 Stock Gainers, Stocks to Buy 2012.You can also check previous stocks to buy reports- Right Here

Top Stocks Performance of the day:These are  stocks that continued to break up to the upside or down side. These stocks are usually going up or down with news or technical.If you are looking to day trade, you might want to check out the following stocks. 
Overbought: CIE, MLAB
Unusual Volume:  UJB, KCP, TZYM, JJM
Upgrade: NEWP
Earnings Before: ANR
Insider Buying:  PLCBC

Biggest Gainers 2/24/12 
Composite Biggest Gainers 
Ticker     Company     Change
KCP    Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.    18.52%
VVUS    VIVUS Inc.    18.15%
IMOS    ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES (Bermuda) LTD.    18.11%
ROYL    Royale Energy Inc.    13.72%
OEH    Orient-Express Hotels Ltd.    12.54%
CALD    Callidus Software Inc.    12.12%
AXTI    AXT Inc.    11.37%
SHLD    Sears Holdings Corporation    10.53%
VNET    21Vianet Group, Inc.    10.11%
TESO    Tesco Corporation    9.37%
CRM    Salesforce.com    9.01%
MITK    Mitek Systems Inc.    8.57%
WTI    W&T Offshore Inc.    8.32%
LGF    Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.    7.83%
CYBX    Cyberonics Inc.    7.81%
QIHU    Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd    7.64%
TI    Telecom Italia SpA    7.30%
IPSU    Imperial Sugar Co.    7.19%
KDN    Kaydon Corporation    7.04%
MTL    Mechel OAO    7.03%
SD    SandRidge Energy, Inc.    6.92%
NDSN    Nordson Corporation    6.89%
ANW    Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.    6.65%
OVTI    OmniVision Technologies Inc.    6.53%
IPG    The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.    6.51%
SQI    SciQuest, Inc.    6.42%
SODA    SodaStream International Ltd.    6.39%
BAA    Banro Corporation    6.00%
WCG    WellCare Health Plans, Inc.    5.95%
BSX    Boston Scientific Corporation    5.93%
EPR    Entertainment Properties Trust    5.55%
SXCI    SXC Health Solutions, Corp.    5.39%
AWAY    HomeAway, Inc.    5.33%
FRO    Frontline Ltd.    5.32%
N    NetSuite Inc.    5.26%
ALNY    Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.    5.17%
AUO    AU Optronics Corp.    5.13%
CTCM    CTC Media, Inc    4.93%
CTRP    Ctrip.com International Ltd.    4.91%

Composite Biggest Losers
Ticker     Company     Chang
RBCN    Rubicon Technology, Inc.    -19.15%
KND    Kindred Healthcare Inc.    -14.41%
DECK    Deckers Outdoor Corp.    -13.85%
INT    World Fuel Services Corp.    -10.56%
TSL    Trina Solar Limited    -9.62%
IAG    IAMGOLD Corp.    -8.88%
MCP    Molycorp, Inc.    -7.84%
CX    CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V.    -6.72%
MMSI    Merit Medical Systems, Inc.    -6.67%
UAN    CVR Partners, LP    -6.55%
OMX    OfficeMax Incorporated    -5.96%
VLO    Valero Energy Corporation    -5.47%
PEI    Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust    -5.33%
FNGN    Financial Engines, Inc.    -5.17%
DANG    E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc.    -4.96%
CROX    Crocs, Inc.    -4.95%
LYV    Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.    -4.76%
LF    LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.    -4.67%
CZR    Caesars Entertainment Corporati    -4.65%
TDS    Telephone & Data Systems Inc.    -4.58%
NIHD    NII Holdings Inc.    -4.53%
INVN    InvenSense, Inc.    -4.45%
FSLR    First Solar, Inc.    -4.35%
WNR    Western Refining Inc.    -4.28%
GPS    Gap Inc.    -4.04%
CVLT    CommVault Systems, Inc.    -3.95%
EROC    Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.    -3.86%
FBR    Fibria Celulose SA    -3.80%
MRVL    Marvell Technology Group Ltd.    -3.74%
FCN    FTI Consulting, Inc.    -3.73%
HFC    HollyFrontier Corporation    -3.72%
LCC    US Airways Group, Inc.    -3.72%
JAG    Jaguar Mining Inc.    -3.67%
TSO    Tesoro Corporation    -3.59%
PQ    PetroQuest Energy Inc.    -3.52%
HXM    Homex Development Corp.    -3.49%
DXCM    DexCom, Inc.    -3.49%
OSG    Overseas Shipholding Group Inc.    -3.47%
GTI    GrafTech International Ltd.    -3.40%
MBI    MBIA Inc.    -3.36%

SP 500
Long term signalsBearish
Short term signals :

Stop  @ 1100
QQQ (Nasdaq 100) : Bearish, stop @ 50
INDU: Bullish, stop @10000
Bearish, stop @ 2300
Top trend : Techs  
Value : Financial

Euro Dollar : Bullish
US Dollar index : Bearish  
Gold : Bearish, stop @ 1330
10 Y US Yield : Bullish, above 2.8 stop
30 Y US Bond : Short, stop @ 132

World Market
UK's FTSE:  Bullish, stop @ 4700
Germany's DAX:
Bullish, stop @ 5300
France's CAC:
Bullish, stop @ 2900
Shanghai :
Japan Nikkei :

Support for the SPX remains at 1325 and then 1300 with resistance at 1370 and then 1400.So we should trade small lot.Take a look all 1/5/15/60m chart if we want to trade this market. 

I also have  technical analysis different stocks-Right Here.
Take a look some market indicator charts- Click all charts
$SPX - 60 min
$CPC daily
INDEX Bullish percent index (EOD)
Simple Trading System  
QQQQ Daily 

FOR 2/27 SPX resistance, pivot &  support
Resistance R3 1374.08, R2 1371.50, R1 1368.62
Pivot Point 1366.04
Support  S1 1363.16, S2 1360.58, S3 1357.70

FOR Weekly 2/27-3/2 SPX resistance , pivot & support
Resistance R3 1388.98, R2 1378.95, R1 1372.34
Pivot Point 1362.31
Support  S1 1355.70, S2 1345.67, S3 1339.06 

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