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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stock Market Overview for 4/28/11

During regular trading hours, there were many stocks that continued to break up to the upside. These stocks are usually going up  with news.If you are looking to day trade today, you might want to check out the following stocks. I usually throw these on my watch list and monitor with resistance & support levels. Below are a list of stocks that I am watching for April 29, 2011.Also check out my Top 2011 Stock GainersStocks to Buy 2011.You can also check previous stocks to buy reports- Right Here

Top Stocks Performance of the day:These are  stocks that continued to break up to the upside or down side. These stocks are usually going up or down with news or technical.If you are looking to day trade, you might want to check out the following stocks.

New High:   LOOP, GPRO, CRR, SFLY    
Overbought:  PCRX, KAR 
Unusual Volume: VTAL, EEH, LOOP, TCLP 
Upgrade:  SRDX
Earnings Before: ABC
Insider Buying: FHN

For Market TA analysis
Stock Market  Closing Price 4/28/11

$INDU Dow Industrial Close -
   12763.31 Up 72.35
$COMPQ Nasdaq Composite Close  
2872.53 Up 2.65
$SPX S&P 500 Close 1360.48 Up 4.82

Commodities Closing Price 

Gold Close -  1536.22

Oil Close - 112.85

Natural Gas Close -4.57
SP 500
Long term signals : Bullish
Short term signals : Neutral

Stop  @ 1250
QQQQ (Nasdaq 100) : Bullish, stop @ 55
INDU: Bullish, stop @11000
COMPQ:Bullish, stop @ 2600
Top trend : Techs  
Value : Financial

Euro Dollar : Bullish
US Dollar index : Bearish  
Gold : Bearish, stop @ 1330
10 Y US Yield : Bullish, above 2.8 stop
30 Y US Bond : Short, stop @ 132

World Market
UK's FTSE:  Bullish, stop @ 5700
Germany's DAX: Bullish, stop @ 6340
France's CAC: Bullish, stop @ 3800
Shanghai : Bullish
Japan Nikkei : Bullish

It took stocks a while to muster any kind of upward momentum, but the major equity averages managed to make modest gains, which ultimately extended their recent highs.But less stock making new 52 weeks high. I think time take profit from now. I am almost side in market now. Support for the SPX remains at 1340 and then 1320, with resistance at 1365 and then 1370.So we should trade small lot.Take a look all 1/5/15/60m chart if we want to trade this market.

I also have  technical analysis different stocks-Right Here. 
Take a look some market indicator charts- Click all charts
$SPX - 60 min
$CPC daily
INDEX Bullish percent index (EOD)
Simple Trading System  
QQQQ Daily 

FOR 04/29 SPX resistance, pivot & support
Resistance R3 1369.62, R2 1363.52, R1 1358.66
Pivot Point 1358.66
Support  S1 1355.61, S2 1350.75, S3 1347.70

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